Goldilox™ is a self-locking removable ring guard, ring sizer attached after the ring is on the finger patent pending. No tools required "It Fits Just Right"

    • FITS MOST RINGS and EASY TO USE, GOLDILOX™ is a two piece self locking sizer, that doesn't require any tools. GOLDILOX™ fits rings 1.5 to 2.5 mm wide and a thinknes of 1.5mm, Size 6-10. GOLDILOX™ uses a PATENT PENDING locking mechanism that sizes rings quickly and easily. Your Ring will fit perfectly, "It Fits Just Right"
    • PREMIUM QUALITY , GOLDILOX™ is made of an acrylic blend that is safe and will not irritate the skin, it is reusable and can be locked to any ring, made of gold, silver or platinum. Also great for costume jewelry or rings that cannot be sized safely, due to stones or risk. Great for sizing rings temporarily and very easy to attach.
    • SOLVES RING SPIN, GOLDILOX™ uses our proprietary patent pending locking mechanism, that safely and securely attaches to the ring, reducing size, so you can enjoy wearing your ring, without having to take to jeweller to permanently size your ring.
    • ARTHRITIC KNUCKLE, GOLDILOX™ is the solution to arthritic fingers. GOLDILOX ™ is the only sizer that can be locked onto the ring after the ring goes past the knuckles, without the use of tools. It is removable and doesn't require any tools or jeweller. GOLDILOX™ uses our patent pending snap fit locking mechanism, that is simple to use and reusable for other rings.
    • SAFE AND INVISABLE, GOLDILOX™ is clear and securely locks onto your ring. Allowing you to enjoy, wearing your rings again safely. When GOLDILOX™ is locked on, it is not noticeable and very comfortable to wear, you will hardly remember that it is locked securely to your ring. You can enjoy your ring again for those special moments in your life.